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  • 28 Oct 2022 4:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Be a Henry David Thoreau ScholarTM

    Win up to a $26,000 Tuition Scholarship for Environmental Studies.

    Submit an online application by February 1st of your senior year via

    • Each year we award Henry David Thoreau ScholarshipsTM to outstanding Massachusetts high school seniors who are ready to meet the challenges of the ever-evolving, interdisciplinary field of environmental studies.
    • The Henry David Thoreau FoundationTM supports academically successful undergraduates through tuition scholarships to prepare them for environmental leadership.
    • Our Henry David Thoreau ScholarsTM graduate from leading colleges and universities around the world. Since 1999, our scholars have been working tirelessly to advance global health by protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable use of the world’s natural resources.
    • The next application deadline is February 1st for graduating Massachusetts high school seniors. Submit your application at

  • 12 Sep 2022 7:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    World of 8 Billion Video Contest

    The World of 8 Billion student video contest brings technology and creativity into middle and high school classes. The contest challenges students to create a short video connecting world population growth to one of three global challenges: Climate Change, Gender Equality, and Waste. 80+ cash prizes will be awarded, and participating teachers will receive free curriculum resources. The deadline for submissions is February 22, 2023 – use this lesson plan to get started now! Full contest guidelines, resources for research, past winners, and more can be foundhere.

  • 12 Sep 2022 6:41 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wade Institute for Science Education

    Fall 2022 Professional Learning Opportunities

    Extreme Zoo Makeover: A STEM Approach to Habitat Design

    2022 Mass STEM Week Design Challenge

    Help your students rise to the MA STEM Week theme “See Yourself in STEM” as they use their STEM skills and creativity to meet the “Extreme Zoo Makeover” Challenge. Participation is FREE!

    Join the Wade Institute for Science Education and our collaborating partners, the Lloyd Center for the Environment and Buttonwood Park Zoo, for our 2022 STEM Challenge “Extreme Zoo Makeover: A STEM Approach to Habitat Design.” The Challenge will engage students in grades 5-8 in a unique experience that integrates science and engineering concepts in a series of inquiry-based investigations that lead up to a student-driven challenge. Elementary and high schools are welcome to participate in the challenge.

    Students will be given the following challenge: “Your local Zoo needs a makeover! As we learn more about animals’ needs, we’ve realized the Zoo’s old habitats are no longer adequate and it’s up to you and your engineering team to redesign them. You must find a way to 1) design habitats that meet the specific needs of the animals for which you are designing them, 2) engineer an enrichment item for your animal species that will stimulate natural behaviors, and 3) create an interpretive sign and interactive features that will engage the public in your animal habitat.”

    The Challenge will include:

    A Professional Development session for educators planning to implement the challenge in their classrooms. Pre-Challenge Professional Development Sessions will be held on Wednesdays, September 21st and 28th, 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM ET (virtual session) OR Saturday, September 17, 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM ET (in-person session at Buttonwood Park Zoo).

    A curriculum guide providing background information and inquiry-based investigations that can be used to lead up to the Challenge.

    A materials kit for implementing the challenge in your classroom.

    Save your spot! Sign up today at!

    The Massachusetts STEM Week is sponsored by the Executive Office of Education and the MA STEM Advisory Council. Our STEM Challenge is funded by a grant from the MA STEM Advisory Council. For more information about STEM Week, visit

  • 25 Aug 2022 5:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    PlantingScience is an online mentoring program that has been connecting real plant scientists with 6th-12th grade classrooms since 2005. Participating classrooms make use of one of our standards-aligned themes to engage students in a guided inquiry around a plant topic (photosynthesis, germination, cells and tissues, food production, etc.).  As each student team plans and carries their investigation, they are assigned a plant scientist mentor who communicates with them via an online message board.  You can see an example of a successful project here.  

    At the end of each session, completed student projects can be nominated for consideration for a Star Project award.  Students whose projects are selected receive T-shirts and prizes, as well as commemoration on our website.  Many have carried their projects on to other science fairs as well.

    Some important points to note:

    • Our program is NSF funded, and cost-free to teachers.  For some modules we will even mail out materials to teachers participating in the mentorship session.  

    • Student anonymity is protected.  Students receive an anonymous login using first names only.  All communication with students is visible to the teacher.

    • The Fall session runs from September 14-November 30th.  Participating teachers can start anytime after September 14th; we just ask that they plan to be finished by November 30th.

    For logistical reasons, we can accommodate a maximum of 30 teachers per session. Currently we have about 10 openings remaining for the Fall 2022 session

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know!

    The PlantingScienceTeam ~ 314-669-1489 ~ 4475 Castleman Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

    Jennifer Hartley, PS Program Supervisor ~

    Dr. Catrina Adams, PS Program Director ~

  • 25 Aug 2022 4:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Form a Team!

    E Bike Build Contest

    Use a Non-Traditional Power Source!

    Teams will need to power the bike with a nontraditional E Bike source such as a starter motor, alternator, hover board motor, cordless drill, or 12-volt motor used for powering something other than a traditional E Bike. In other words, we are not looking for a team to acquire an E Bike kit and fit it to a bike. (YouTube has plenty of examples).

    • It can be a unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, or cargo bike
    • Frame can be fabricated or re-purposed from a traditional bike

    Teams should sign up by September 30, 2022 by using this Google Form Link. 

    Ten scholarships to an online E Bike Mechanic training program will be awarded!

    E Bikes MUST be completed by January 6, 2023. If your E Bike is completed by November 1, 2022 you will be offered the opportunity to display it at MassDOT’s Moving Together Conference in Boston.

    Questions? Contact Matt Mann at or Jeff Cathcart at

  • 13 Jun 2022 9:54 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Gloucester Biotechnology Academy provides one-week courses that give students the opportunity to experience hands-on science in a biotechnology laboratory. Students use cutting-edge biotechnology equipment, the scientific method, and critical thinking to conduct authentic laboratory investigations.


    Middle and high school students ages 13 - 18 No science or math experience required.


    June 27 – July 1

    July 11 – July 15

    July 25 – July 29

    August 8 – August 12

    9am to 2pm

    Located in the Academy’s state-of-the-art teaching lab at 55 Blackburn Center, Gloucester.




  • 13 Jun 2022 9:51 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    This unique, hands-on program prepares students

    for careers as entry-level technicians in the thriving

    biotechnology and life sciences fields. Over the

    course of this ten-month program, students master

    the cutting-edge technical skills required to work as

    entry-level lab technicians.


    Young adults with high school diploma (or

    equivalent), ages 18 - 30. No science or math

    experience required.


    Seven months of hands-on training in a state-of-

    the-art teaching laboratory, followed by a paid,

    three-month internship at a biotech company

    or research institute in Boston, Cambridge or

    Massachusetts’ North Shore.


    Our alumni have been hired into full-time positions

    at companies such as Dana-Farber Cancer

    Institute, Cell Signaling Technology, Synlogic

    Therapeutics, UMass Medical School, Sherlock

    Biosciences, and Bluefin Biomedicine.




  • 5 Apr 2022 7:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Public Health Museum in Tewksbury, MA is hosting the Outbreak! summer enrichment program. It is FREE for students entering grades 10-12 and the content focuses on various careers in public health, as well as investigations of topics including infectious disease, epidemiology, racial disparities in healthcare, public health ethics, the opioid epidemic, health implications of homelessness, refugee health care, and more.  The program is entirely online and will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between July 18-29.  The application priority deadline is April 15.

  • 4 Apr 2022 1:05 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Atlas Fellowship, a $50,000 scholarship + all-expenses-paid summer program near UC Berkeley, is for the world’s most talented HS students who desire to do good.

    We’re launching the inaugural cohort of the program this Spring with $10 million from Open Philanthropy and the FTX Foundation. We expect to select ~100 Fellows and provide them with a $50k scholarship, a summer program that teaches big-picture thinking about the future, and a network of global leaders doing direct work on some of the world's most pressing problems.

    Applications for the Atlas Fellowship are now live and close on 4/10. 

  • 4 Apr 2022 1:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We are excited to invite you to apply for the 6th annual Global Health and Leadership Conference, hosted by Harvard College VISION: Global Health Society and the Harvard Global Health Institute, on the weekend of April 23-24th, 2022. The mission of our Conference is to inspire interest in global health and empower high school students to serve as the next generation of civically-minded leaders. 

    This year’s conference theme is NGOs and Global Health Delivery Systems, with a focus on issues, including, but not limited to the role of NGOs in international health research, resource mobilization during crises, and equity in healthcare financing and delivery. 

    Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we aim to make this conference accessible to high school students of all backgrounds and nationalities. As such, we are currently planning to hold the conference in a hybrid format with both Zoom and in-person options available for attendance. The in-person component of the conference remains tentative due to evolving public health and university guidelines. We encourage all students to apply for the conference–no prior global health experience is required. The application is simply intended to gauge interest and curiosity in global health and leadership development.  

    The Conference’s speaker series will highlight leading health experts across diverse disciplines. Past conference speakers have included Dr. Vivek Murthy, Surgeon General of the United States under both President Obama and President Biden, Dr. Michael Osterholm, the Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota and member of President Biden's COVID-19 Advisory Board, Dr. Paul Farmer, Chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and co-founder of Partners in Health (PIH), and Dr. Louise Ivers, Executive Director of the Center for Global Health at Massachusetts General Hospital . The Conference will also feature global health workshops hosted by student organizations at Harvard University such as Partners in Health Engage, UNICEF and Global Alliances for Medical Innovation (GAMI).  

    If you are interested in applying, please fill out the application linked here. Conference fees will differ depending on how early you apply. For students interested in participating in our Community Pitch Competition, the deadline to apply is April 8th, 2022. 

    Feel free to email with any questions!

    Visit Our Website

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