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Most Recent Opportunities for Students

  • 10 Sep 2020 5:52 PM | Keith Wright (Administrator)

    We are writing on behalf of the BioScience Collective, an organization created to inculcate a passion for biology in students by allowing them to participate in research-based discussions and experiment analysis, and by helping them prepare for biology competitions.

    To assist students across the United States (and beyond) who are passionate about biology, we are offering a free live stream prep course for the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) from the first week of October to the first week of February. Once a week, we will do an hour-long live stream on different topics found on the USABO open exam. By the end of the course, students will have learned an extensive amount of information and be ready to take the USABO and other competitive exams. The live stream will be taught by students who are very experienced in Biology and have reached the rank of semifinalist (consisting of the top 10% of participants) on the USABO. 

    This is the form to sign up: https://forms.gle/nRBjU9V1szJ9uN3m8

  • 17 Nov 2019 10:14 AM | Keith Wright (Administrator)

    Bow Seat's annual Ocean Awareness Contest invites students ages 11-18 to create visual art, writing, film, and music that explores the impacts of climate change on the ocean. In addition to our general Contest awards, we have special scholarship opportunities for Massachusetts students:

    • $250 Hometown Awards for Boston residents
    • All Massachusetts participants will be eligible for $250 Bay State Awards

    We also have awards for educators who teach the Ocean Awareness Contest this year, including a Bay State Educator Award ($750 prize + $500 classroom grant).

    Finally, Bow Seat's Resource Studio provides curated resources for creative exploration and inquiry into issues related to the oceans and climate change, including articles, primary literature, lesson plans, quizzes, and inspirational media.

  • 13 Aug 2019 7:45 PM | Anonymous

    This season Fenway Park be once again hosting a NASA/Space themed STEM Day on Sept 19th as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing.

    Each year the Boston Red Sox host STEM Education Days where we welcome over 4,000 students and their educators to the ballpark. As part of this program students will learn STEM related curriculum via lectures and interactive exhibits in a morning STEM Fair (8-11am) leading up to the game (1pm). 

    Below is a video from one of last year’s events, and here is a link to the website with a bit more information.

    STEM Day Video 2018

     Event Details:

    Sept 19th

    $20-$25 per person and includes the STEM Day educational programming in the morning and ticket to the 1 pm game to follow.

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