The quarterly publication of the Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers

Volume: 46   Issue:2

Welcome to a newly envisioned MASTHEAD Newsletter!

Moving forward MASTHEAD will be presenting a quarterly newsletter that provides professional development articles and resources that rotates among different major themes and relevant topics in science education.

This issue is dedicated to Science Safety. You will find the Frameworks addressing science safety in the classroom at the following link:

MAST and MSELA are hosting a one day event on December 7th to address how the new Massachusetts laws affect science safety in our schools. See the attached flyer for more information:

Flinn Scientific has a free online course to instruct teachers in good lab safety procedures:

The American Association of Chemistry Teachers has a lesson plan entitled  “What Not to Do in the Chemistry Lab” less which can be used in elementary, middle or high school classrooms at the following link:

Another lesson in which students must identify poor lab safety behavior::

American Association of Chemistry Teachers Lab Safety Resources:

Teachers Pay Teachers has a free Lab Safety Escape Room activity to reinforce good lab safety practices at the following link:

Carolina Lab Safety worksheet and lesson plan:

The Amoeba Sisters “General Lab Safety” video: