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PD Opportunity/Job Opportunity: 4th Grade Teachers

12 Sep 2021 7:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

PeBLES2 - a project of MMSA and BSCS - aims to design and investigatelocally adaptable three-dimensional instructional materialsand professional learning for elementary science. We work with teachers, scientists, and researchers to co-design locally adaptable units of instruction and professional learning to dig deeply into the science sensemaking and localization process. PeBLES2 teachers will be able to confidently “choose-their-own adventure”, making small or big tweaks to unit instructional bases to root science sensemaking into their “place”. 

We are looking for fourth-grade teachers who are willing to help shape the design and development of a new, 4th grade, unit of study as members of our Teacher Steering Committee.


September 15, 2021 - June 30, 2022


We are looking for teachers who have…

  1. Experience with science teaching in the upper elementary grades.

  2. Expertise in teaching science, engineering, place-based learning, exceptional learners, emergent multilingual learners, ELA/math integration, and/or the NGSS. 

  3. Interest in and/or experience with NGSS curriculum design

  4. Are located in an Eastern Time Zone locale

  5. Availability to meet for an initial design conference (~2 days in September or October, substitute costs will be covered)

  6. Availability to devote ~4-6 hours per month to the design portion of the project (September, 2021 - January, 2022 - with the most intensive months anticipated in November, December, and January)

  7. Ability to teach science approximately 3 hours per week from March - June.

Expectations (Design Phase):

  1. Attend a 2 day unit design conference

  2. Attend meetings approximately 1x per month

  3. Provide reviews of key unit documents and lessons. 

  4. Draft specific teacher guidance for lesson plans or unit documents related to the teacher’s area of expertise.

  5. Draft mock-up examples of localizations and/or activities to share as part of the materials.  

  6. Pilot or test lessons or parts of lessons with students and provide feedback

Expectations (Pilot Phase):

  1. Implement an approximately 6-8 week science unit of study designed for fourth grade. Note: duration of the unit will depend on how much time is allotted to science instruction weekly. Ideally, teachers would budget approximately 3 hours a week for science instruction.

  2. Meet weekly (1 hour) with PeBLES2 curriculum developers, researchers and other pilot teachers to share feedback on the materials and examples of student work.  

  3. Commit to approximately 4 hours per month of asynchronous work (including but not limited to keeping an instructional log, filling out surveys, giving feedback on design, etc.).

Tentative timeline and expectations for pilot teacher participation


Example Activities with Approximate Timing

Pre unit implementation, February 2022

Online pre-survey (20-30 min)

During unit implementation, February - June 2022

Activities in class

Unit pilot (~6 weeks)

Classroom observations (in person or videoconference)

Activities after school

1x per week meeting during unit pilot (1 hour per week)

Exit tickets (15 min per week)

Online mid-survey (20-30 min)

Post unit implementation,  June 2022

Online post-survey (20-30 min)

Post-unit implementation interview (in-person, phone, or video conference)


  1. Opportunity to help shape groundbreaking curricular materials through a co-design process.

  2. Ongoing professional development around NGSS implementation and curricular design.

  3. Growing a national network of teachers and researchers.

  4. Keep all pilot unit materials and resources.



Please complete this Application for Steering Committee consideration and submit any questions to: Kate Cook, PeBLES2 PI, kcook@mmsa.org

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