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Austin Preparatory School Middle School Science Teacher

6 Feb 2023 2:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Austin Preparatory School Middle School Science Teacher

Science Teachers report directly to the Assistant Head/Head of the Upper School, Head of the Middle School and Science Department Chair. Science Teachers are responsible to deliver school and academic department approved curriculum on behalf of the School in support of the School’s mission.

Responsibilities include, but may not be limited to the following:

1. Support the School and its leadership in advancing the mission of Austin Prep and safeguarding the School’s Roman Catholic identity and Augustinian heritage.

2. To teach five sections of students on a seven-day rotating schedule of four classes per day. Over the course of a seven-day academic cycle, a teacher will plan and deliver 20 seventy-five minute classes.

3. Of the remaining eight class periods, Teachers are on-call for substitute teaching and class coverage as needed for colleagues for up to four periods per cycle and are to use the other four class periods to plan and prepare lessons and labs, meet with department chairs and colleagues on lessons, and contribute to committee work on school initiatives.

4. Class preparation includes class instruction that maintains congruency between the school’s board-approved mission statement and all academic activities.

5. Teachers are responsible to plan and develop their course curriculum in support of Austin Prep’s expectation of teaching excellence including a delivery that is appropriate for different learning modalities and styles. Based in adolescent psychology research and best practices, segmentation of classroom work should be varied in activity and in process so as to engage students and foster a thoughtful interactive learning environment.

6. Teachers are responsible to create and manage a classroom environment that is conducive to learning.

7. Teachers are responsible for the safety of students and their behavioral decorum in the classroom and throughout campus, inside and outside of buildings, including extracurricular events and off-campus events such as athletic competitions and field trips. Teachers are required to participate in lunch served in the Austin Prep Dining Hall.

8. Teachers are expected to collect, grade, and critique student work on a frequent basis. Teachers are expected to communicate the results of these assessments through a Learning Management System Portal and reach out to families proactively about excellent or sub-par performance via email, phone calls, or in-person meetings before or after school.

9. Teachers are responsible to act as Advisor for 10-12 advisory students. In performing their advisory duties, each Teacher/Advisor will meet with their advisory students four out of every five days in a calendar week. The Advisor is the champion to each advisee and should strive to know well each student in the advisory. The Advisor is the main point of contact for families as they navigate their journey through Austin Prep. As such, each Advisor is responsible to ensure that each advisee is performing to their best potential. Advisors are required to write a letter to the student and the student’s family twice per year to clearly discuss the advisee students’ progress, uniqueness, challenges and successes.

10. Teachers are required to moderate a student club or study hall during the break between second and third period each school day. The student club and activity should be designed and executed by the Teacher so as to be an integral enhancement of the student’s academic and social experience.

11. Teachers are expected to attend and participate in professional development opportunities as needed to maintain and improve their professional capability and as recommended by the Upper School or Middle School Head. This includes teacher in-service programs, and internal and external professional development sessions.

12. Teachers are expected to assist and participate in the planning and the presentation of school assemblies and programs as well as in field trips and other student experiential learning opportunities.

13. Teachers are expected to attend and actively participate in regular faculty meetings to discuss routine school matters and exchange ideas on issues of educational and philosophical interest and concern.

14. Teachers are expected to meet with their department chair to discuss personal and professional development toward reaching clearly defined goals.

15. Educators, in their roles as Teachers and Advisors are expected to support Austin Prep students and families as a manifestation of our core value of community. Teachers are expected to support and celebrate our students by attending co-curricular arts, athletic events and student performances throughout the school year.

16. To support the School and its leadership in advancing the mission of Austin Prep.

17. To perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School.

Education and Experience:

  • BA/BS required
  • Masters in related field preferred
  • 3-5 years experience working with students in a school setting
  • Proven ability to work cohesively with teachers, administrators and student guardians

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